Tectonic Video is an independent, award-winning production company that specializes in brand films & branded content. We’re at home in Chicago and at work around the world partnering with brands, creative agencies, and content producers to tell compelling stories that move audiences.

We used to be part of Advocate Creative, a design agency for nonprofits. If you’re looking for brand strategy, website design or print collateral, Advocate Creative is the best in the biz.

Select Clients


Doug Scott

Founder & Strategy

Doug is the founder of Tectonic. He has extensive experience working with the senior leadership teams of world-changing organizations and translating their strategic objectives into stunning creative. He does his best work while rocking in his rocking chair (he knows it’s weird).

Joel Krogman


Joel is a Canadian, though we don’t hold that against him. He’s experienced in all aspects of video production and is as comfortable writing a script in a coffee shop in Chicago as he is operating a camera in a slum in Nairobi. He’s also mistaken for Harry Potter about once a month.

Johanna Beach


Johanna has a hand in every phase of production from working with clients, coordinating logistics, producing on a video shoot, or collaborating on an edit. She also has a predilection for performing 2-woman plays in rhyming couplet.

Andrew Schuurmann Headshot

Andrew Schuurmann


Andrew’s filled almost every role in the video creation process, but gets most excited about sitting down in an edit suite to craft a story. He’s a confessed chocaholic and is currently developing a coffee addiction that rivals his teammates.

Sam Hovar


Sam makes sure that Tectonic runs smoothly so that the rest of the team can focus on helping our clients change their corners of the world. She also has a super-secretive crochet blog and is a minor YouTube crochet celebrity (yes, that’s a thing).